Frequently Asked Questions:

What sections of the trail are open?

The trail is open from Air Force Road in Everett to Beach Street in Malden, near the Revere line. The Saugus segment of the trail, from Laurel Street to Boston Street, is also open. 

When will the trail be paved?

The Malden section of the trail is expected to be paved in the spring of 2013. Everett is working on plans to pave its segment of the trail in the next few years but there is no definite timeframe. 

When will work begin on the Revere segment of the trail?

Work is expected to begin in 2014.

When will work begin on the Lynn segment?

The City of Lynn has not committed to work on trail construction at this time. Bike to the Sea, Inc. continues to talk with Lynn officials about advancing the trail.  If you live in Lynn, please contact Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy and your ward councillors to express support for the trail.